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With this single application we need to enter the domain that you want to examine, and shows us a list of own keywords and our competition. We take all these keywords to achieve a better content and consequently improve our SEO positioning.

Simple application but powerful in the information. Lets us know if we have content duplicated and in what percentage, analyze the internal links of the web, find broken links that can give error, etc. In its free version we can analyze up to 250 pages in one place.

Somewhat advanced tool that helps us to better understand our web components. Show us exactly like the famous Google robots see it. It’s free, but it requires an advanced level of expertise to take advantage of.

This tool, in addition to making a diagnosis, provides practical advice for positioning of our website is much better. Depending on the results of the analysis gives us a score and advises us to optimize our SEO strategy. This tool has a free version and paid version.…

5 Tips for Writing for inspiration

Frequently writes: In writing is learned just practicing. There will be two entrances Ernest Hemingway written in a blog, right? The more content you have your blog and publish posts, you will be better writer. Try writing a little every day and see the difference.

Formidable contribution to the growth of those who start in these conflicts, not to give unnecessary setbacks that undermine the work we do on the Internet and social networks. Hello Luis. Valisosos appreciate your comments. With respect to not use accents in the title of the article it is on purpose and necessary, because otherwise Google robots (designed for English), I do not interpret the content correctly and that affects my SEO. Greetings and thanks to you because you made me think well before your comment aptly respond.

Wow! That quickly to answer! Thank you. I wish I had found your blog before, I would have saved many mistakes. Never stop providing this shit, man! First of all I want to thank you for your time and feel the desire to share this valuable information with others, you have helped me gigantically. I apologize in advance because if I can not express myself properly and can understand my idea. What you can do is call this character in a way that is recognizable such as SILHOUETTE SHADOW RARE LORD LORD MURDERER simply X.

And I assure you, these ten injections have to cure me ten diseases that have flourished after reading this great fragments. Thank you thank you very much. Aldo. I love to write my first book, I hope to continue gathering information to reach my goal. Thanks for the guide. The fact is that I have 12 years and am a fan of the books, but not if it is possible to be a writer underage. Do you only can publish books underage contests? I wait for answers.

One issue, however it is defined, is not a thesis. The thesis is what you (and nobody else but you) want to say on that particular subject. It is thought the point of view that will defend and try on trial along. Usually, your thesis should invite a reaction to a debate. Therefore, it is useful that the conceive as a problem, that is, as an issue that needs to be clarified as requiring a solution. …

Tips for writing a good blog

Find inspiration to write is not easy. The muses do not always accompany and while you’re dying to write, these ideas do not come to mind are unable to explain with words.

Hello I was pleased to find this product !! thanks !! Only I have a question I’d like to publish a book of poetry but a minimum of them? Q few would have at least my book ?? Thanks x your attention !! Personally, I disagree with the number 4. We should not force us to write, if your mind does not work you can not do work.

Returning to the above advice related to the niche of “Weight Loss” comes to my mind that a good headline of winning article is: To Lose Weight 5 Natural Remedies while eating what you like it “. Post-holder writes an introduction in which alludes to a possible problem that your reader is experiencing the most common hard time losing weight. Like you, there are thousands of competitors in your niche writing content in their blogs WordPress or Blogger, with a mission to seize a piece of cake of your target audience.

The most common behavior is to get into the Internet when you get stuck with an item. If you do not get a sentence, you check mail, and read the news Facebook for inspiration. ” Whether you’ve done exactly the same just five minutes ago; You expect to find something new to solve all your problems. I, for one, admit there have been times that I checked the mail and Facebook more than 20 times in one hour. A disaster.

Now a window if you encounter textual content development is that your blog can aspire to much better position because it is the text that analyze the major search engines. dionisio; 1644473, Hello good advice. A question I am footgrafo and upload images with some chronic, would find cunta capacity storage has a blog so I will not erase the images that I upload. These data seem very good, I found web to register my blog, something to send ping to another site, but does not accept my direction, Will anyone know why ?. …

Steps to get a writing routine (Tips for Writers)

Many enterprising mothers have decided to accompany your business with the creation of a blog in which they can share related to your brand content.

I am new to blogging, I have little time with my project, these tips are very useful and apply it to my project, I would appreciate the visit and if possible criticized him to know that I’m doing wrong and I’m doing well. Thank you very much for creating spaces like this where information is shared and where everyone can participate, your web1 very good! buenisimos the advice you give really, I have helped a lot, and also have made me see the mistakes as blogger had, to go arregalndolos.

Thank you so much!! it helped me a lot because I was not ready to write but these tips helped me a lot! Hello I would like to write a book about my personal life, my experiences, my accomplishments, LOVE and hate … ETC. Hello, I would like to start an autobiography of an era in particular of my life, but that style is not well taken, not even if it would be good to put as dialogues. I appreciate that would guide me a bit.

The reader needs to identify with a point of view and have a character reference to living situations fiction. Not just a phone call to switch from one view to another and leaving a head to get into another. We must end a sequence indicate that a scene is over. As we do full stop to change the subject, you need to tell the reader that we have finished something from a point of view before passing to another. In the choral novels, when the leads are spread among many secondary characters and there are many, this is more necessary.

When I started, I followed the advice of other bloggers and I tried to be someone I was not. It was horrible. One day I realized that I liked to write more when the article was more personal. Writing became simpler and was able to connect with more people without work hard too impress. If you look at some of the most successful bloggers, we realize that they all have their own style. Remember: you will not be able to stand alone if you do what everyone else does and say what everyone says. Be your. …